Guest Comment

Rudi On 28th December 2015

Penginapannya sungguh unik. Menyajikan suasana kampung ditengah tengah kota. Kamar tidur yang unik disain interior kamar yang jarang ditemui di hotel atau guesthouse manapun. Cocok sekali buat berbulan madu, suasananya romantis abiss. Ga bakal terlupakan kalau ke sini. Saran saya jauh jauh hari harus sudah booking kamar biar dapat kamarnya. Karena sering kali kamarnya fullbook.

Anta On 2nd December 2015


Patrick Guillemet On 29th March 2013

Hello, Thanks to all of you for that pleasant stay in Jogja. Everything was perfect and we enjoyed your beautiful hotel very much. Just a suggestion : maybe you could get information about the Kraton (schedule of the shows, map of the Kraton village) and give it to your guests ? Unfortunately, the taxi drove us to the Pagelaran ticket office, which allows only a limited visit of the Kraton, and we could not enjoy the daily show. Maybe you could also give some advice about buying batiks ? The guide led us to a shop, but we discovered after visiting Taman Sari that we paid twice the price for the same batiks. However we had a very enjoyable visit at Borobudur and Prambanan. For sure we'll recommend Dusun Jogja Village Inn to all our friends visiting Jogja. Greetings from Montréal

Ms Judith Finch On 30th January 2013

"There is no better place to stay in Yogyakarta, especially if you take ill. I have never been sick on a holiday and I can only be thankful that it was here. The staff was amazing, so caring and helpful. I also could not have been in a better spot for holiday. Food great, rooms perfect, staff awesome and the hotel is central. You will not go wrong staying here." nov 2012

Mr. Agung Chris On 30th January 2013

"Saya akan merekomendasikan JVI ini ke temen, EXCELLENT pertama kali menginap, walaupun wifi-nya ngadat tapi terhapus oleh keramahan dan kenyamanan JVI" - Jl. A Yani 27 Pandaan

Mrs. thelma archy On 30th January 2013

"Wahhh... kenangan yang indah sekali!! waktu itu tahun 1997 kami seklg jln2 di jogja, suami saya melihat sign kecil bertuliskan jogja village inn ada gambar tokeknya di perempatan jalan menukan... kami coba kesana dan kami temukan tempat yg luar biasa "cozy" berarti sudah 13thn yang lalu!! Insya Allah dalam waktu dekat kami akan kesana, saya akan bawa foto2 "jadul" jogja village inn, hmmm... nice place and feel homy!! " - Grya Amanda 3 no B12 Jl.Ciwaruga Raya Ters Gegerkalong Hilir Bandung Jawa Barat

Mrs. Love Jogja On 30th January 2013

"honeymoon 12 Juni 2010, sangat mengesankan,DJVI suasananya benar benar nyaman dan menyenangkan.. unforgotten memories.. pokoknya jatuh cinta banget sama Dusun Jogja " Mrs. Love Jogja - Jakarta

Mr. Agustinus Triyanto On 30th January 2013

"Dusun Jogja Village Inn is simply superb! The lush surrounding, the pool, the room, the outdoor bathroom, the fish pond, the bed, and most off all, the STAFF. They're all amazing. I particularly enjoyed the New Year's Party. Traditional and meaningful....memorable. Dusun Jogja Village Inn is a treasure of Yogya. Yogya must be proud of it. Well, I am. Agustinus-Melbourne, Australia " Mr. Agustinus Triyanto - 614/100 Harbour Esplanade Docklands VIC 3008 Australia

Ms. Vera Mayer On 30th January 2013

"Delightful little pearl in the centre of Yogia, lovely atmosphere, terrific surroundings, lovely room and friendly, efficient service. Thoroughly recommended, would always stay there when in Yogya!!" - 12 North Avenue London W13 8AP

Mr. Muhammad Alee Herry On 30th January 2013

"amazing place......... serasa kembali kezaman gak ada polusi, suasana segar khas alam pedesaan. gua jamin kalian pada ketagihan jika sudah pernah nginap disini........try it "

Diane Tourville and Ethan Roush On 30th January 2013

"Dear Paul, How are you and how is business? I'm not sure you remember us, but we stayed at Jogja Village in April and just loved. It turned out to be our favorite place out of all the places we stayed in after traveling for 6 weeks in Indonesia. What made it our favorite place was not only the beauty of the village, but the kindness and helpfulness of the staff and you, of course. You recommended a person to contact in Bali to help extend our visas. Things went very smoothly and we had our visas within 2 days. As I sit here gazing at the rainy weather in Washington, I daydream of returning to Jogja Village. Thank you again for your help and making our stay such a pleasure!

Mr. satryo On 30th January 2013

"walaupun sudah hampir 5 tahun aku pernah nginap disana, namun suasana keasriannya masih terasa, aku pingin banget bisa nginap disana lagi, villa yang penuh kenangan indah bagiku." jl.gubeng kertajaya 4c tengah no: 2 Surabaya

Mr. Rudolph(Ruud)Delamotte sr On 30th January 2013

Dear folks at the Jogja Village Inn,I just like to tell you how much my three daughters,my granddaughter and I enjoyed our stay at the Inn last September!The place is gorgeous,romantic and unique,complemented by a staff that is polite,gracious and helpful,"Tjap Djempol!" This trip was like a "Sentimental Journey" for me,I was born in (then )Batavia in 1934,left the country at 16 years old,That was 58 years ago,I had to come back at least once,before I got to old! I am glad I did and that is why I like to thank every one at The Jogja Village Inn for making our stay so enjoyable !" . - 264 Lyman rd. 2-3 Wolcott,Ct USA 06716-2009

Aryo Bayu On 16th January 2013

"Peacefull and tranquil, Jogja Village Inn is ambience sets the mood for a comfortable, undisturb stay. The hospitality is more than generous. Beautifully set, the best place to chicc in Jogja!!! 23 April 2007" Aryo Bayu - Film Actor, Jakarta

Mr. Joko Anwar On 16th January 2013

"Jogja Village Inn : I never thought that this excellent place could top the already great Jogja. Now I can not think that I can visit Jogja without visiting this lovely place. Thank you for the hospitality, friendship...and more importantly, thank you for giving me a home. I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! 26 April 2007" Mr. Joko Anwar - Film Director "KALA", Jakarta

Ms. Nia Dinata On 16th January 2013

"Jogja Village Inn, a treasure of Jogja... Aku tak bisa pindah ke lain hati...27 Maret 2007" Ms. Nia Dinata - Film Director "BERBAGI SUAMI", Jakarta

Mr. Lance On 16th January 2013

"Kolamnya telaga yang tenang seperti tempat dewa dewi 26 April 2007" Mr. Lance - Jakarta, Film director

Mr. Fachri Albar On 16th January 2013

"Just wanna say thank you so much! for everything.... " Jogja Village Inn " is a diamond in Jogja... Love at a first sight! Full love 23 April 2007" Mr. Fachri Albar - Actor, Jakarta

Ms. Ira Maya Sopha On 16th January 2013

"Jogja Village Inn, Superb!! Perfect place to stay! Kali pertama saya dan sahabat-sahabat datang ke tempat ini, yakin akan satu hal, saya "Jatuh cinta" pada JVI!! Lokasi strategis, suasana hotel yang asri dan tenang, cocok buat kita-kita yang selalu merasa jenuh dengan kota besar Jakarta! Cinta saya selalu buat JVI! Sukses selalu untuk Paul Amron Yuwono, Vera dan team work-nya yang sangat ramah! 27 Maret 2007" Ms. Ira Maya Sopha - Senior Actress, Jakarta

Ms. Antonia Gorog On 16th January 2013

"Dear friends at Jogja Village Inn, I want to express my thanks and appreciation for your kindness, calmness, generosity on the day of the earthquake, last saturday. You took very good care of your guests during a difficult and scary time. I remember the moments of the earthquake very clearly, and I remember that less than a minute after it finished some of the hotel staff ran to check that each and every guest was okay. Then, all day long, you helped guests to arrange cars. You brought water and snacks. You allowed us, without hesitation, to use the telephone. In the afternoon, some of the evening staff showed up for work, even though their own houses has fallen down and some of their neighbors had been killed. In the evening, you brought us more food. When it began to rain Saturday night, you helped us make comfortable sleeping arrangements on the veranda of one of the saver rooms. You did all these things for us event though you were also worried about your own families and your own houses. That is true generosity and dedication. I want to thank you all for your help in the time of crisis. I also want to wish you all luck. May God help you rebuild your houses, and may protect you from such dangers in the future. With great respect for you all, 2 June 2006" Ms. Antonia Gorog - Bogor, Jawa Barat

Mrs. Dordrecht On 16th January 2013

"Dear friends, everyday I get sweet memories about our family-trip throught Java and especially of the heart-warming surprise by your team. " For the belated Happy 80 Birthday "! The photo's - made by my family at this quite unexperted event I sent you hereby. You presented us a very sweet attention, althought you had to survive all the damage of the unexpected earthquake! I hope the repair soon will be done. Many many thanks again and all the best for you and your nice hotel Dusun. 30 Oct 2006 " Mrs. Dordrecht - Holland

William and Corry Mac G On 16th January 2013

"Bedankt voor jullie lieve zorgzaamheid. We hebben hier heerlijke, ontspannen dagen beleefd. 3 June 2005" William and Corry Mac G - Holland

Keluarga Sukiswo S On 16th January 2013

"Kami sekeluarga menikmati liburan hari raya th. 2002 ini di sini sangat memuaskan. Suasananya nyaman dan sangat familiar. Tahun depan kami akan datang lagi untuk mengulang suasana yang nyaman ini. 21 Nov 2002" Keluarga Sukiswo S - Depok

Karen Chu Van and Frederick Claerlaut On 16th January 2013

"Merci pour ce cadre fabuleux, cette oasis dans la ville. Ce fut pour mais la premiere nuit en Indonesie.....Quelle accueill! On s'y peut comme a la maison et on n'a plus envie que d'une chose....C'est d'y rester! Merci! 15 August 2003" Karen Chu Van and Frederick Claerlaut - Bruxelles, Belgique

Leonardus Liansidi R On 16th January 2013

"Saya datang yang ke VI kalinya bersama Melia & Inggrit, Cintya & Harmawan dan Cindra. Senang sekali makan di dusun..! Semoga sukses terus yach. Banyak promosi dong. Member saya jangan lupa. 9 Sept 2002" Leonardus Liansidi R - Jakarta

Pabilio, Ranah, and Lali Sengupta On 16th January 2013

"One of our most memorable trip in Jogja made us feel very asthetic and homely in this "Village-Jogja" each corner of this village spells out the Jogja art. Long live Jogja Village and long live the excellent staff...... 12 June 2001" Pabilio, Ranah, and Lali Sengupta - India

Daniela and Richard Standen On 16th January 2013

"Thank you very much for a wonderful start to our honeymoon. How pleasant it is to be in a big city, but within nature and being able to see frogs leaping and lizards scattling about. The food has been superb and we'll certainly recommend this as one of the most romantic hotels we'll ever been to. 4 June 2001" Daniela and Richard Standen - London - UK

The Mangum – Turner Family On 16th January 2013

"To us, lush exotic tropical secret treasure, nestled love in Yogya. Thank you! 24 May 2006" The Mangum – Turner Family - California USA

Camille Mortagne and Prof. dr. Aart van Goest On 16th January 2013

"We were happy in your hotel. Beauty all around, good room, delicious food, laundry service perfect, and all personnel very polite, very 'halus', they are all like princesses and princes, so that we felt like a queen and a king. 31 July 2001" Camille Mortagne and Prof. dr. Aart van Goest -