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On Java, A Creative Explosion In An Ancient City
2nd November 2017 12:47:40

After the tropical thunder rolls across south Java comes the rain, and each drop has a character. Some sweep across the bamboo roof in high-pitched volleys, and some plop into the puddles one by one, ...

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2nd November 2017 12:45:40

READING CENTHINI: BUKAN CINTA SATU MALAM 4 stories, 4 days, 4 venues 10 February 2016, 8pm #massudahmas Venue: Jogja Contemporary,kompleks Jogja National Museum, JL. Prof. Ki Amri Yahya no.1, Ga...

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Dance Workshop By Nakula Sadewa Dance
2nd November 2017 12:43:54

"Yogyakarta Classical Dance Basic Workshop" Organized by: Nakula Sadewa Dance Organization Workshop : Thursday and Friday, 21st and 22nd January 2016 (10.00 - 14.00) Performance : Sa...

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Sundown Yoga On New Year's Eve
2nd November 2017 12:42:38

Need a peace to make an inspiring resolution for 2016? Need to open your inner heart to be a better you? Need to meditate your body and soul? Anjasmara Prasetya and Deera Dewi arre very much expe...

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Relaxing & Intimate Gathering For Your New Years Eve 2016
2nd November 2017 12:41:20

If you prefer more relaxing & intimate rather than loud gathering for your New Years Eve, please come and join us at Dusun Jogja Village Inn.  Our agenda as followed: 1. Yoga by Anjasmara...

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Tripadvisor Certificate Of Excellence 2014
2nd November 2017 12:40:04

DUSUN JOGJA VILLAGE INN AWARDED 2014 TRIPADVISOR CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE   Recognised as a Top Performing Dusun Jogja Village Inn as Reviewed by Travelers on the World’s La...

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Yoga In Dusun
2nd November 2017 12:35:50

Yoga Class in Dusun Jogja Village Inn is about to begin Yoga class can be arranged on request in Dusun Jogja Village Inn. Drop-in : IDR 100.000/session/person  Information & reservat...

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Enjoying Dusun
2nd November 2017 12:30:01

Dusun Jogja Village Inn  has been renowned as the best place to relax in the middle of town of Yogyakarta. We don't seem to have much to offer at front, but once you step inside passing the f...

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Places To See In Yogyakarta
2nd November 2017 12:28:37

1. Borobudur. The 9th-century Mahayana Buddhist Temple in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. The monument consists of six square platforms topped by three circu...

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History Of Yogyakarta
2nd November 2017 12:25:05

The city of Yogyakarta is situated on Java Island, about 500 km southeast of Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. As the capital of Yogyakarta Special Region Province, the city has about 32.5 km2 a...