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Film Screening With KDM #16
2nd November 2017 13:37:38

Dateng ramein dan rayakan!. . . Bale Si Gala-Gala, Dusun Jogja Village Inn Hotel, Jl Menukan No.5 l, Karangkajen, Brontokusuman, Mergangsan, DIY. . . Slot 1| 18.15 1. Pekak (Jaka Wiradinata) ...

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Dahar Kembul Package Menu
2nd November 2017 13:36:20

Paket Dahar Kembul kini hadir di nJoglo Resto,  Dusun-Jogja Village-inn . Cocok untuk acara rame-rame seperti arisan, gathering, syukuran, ulang tahun dan buka puasa bersama.  Cukup de...

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KDM 14 Marginalia
2nd November 2017 13:35:05

Pemutaran Film dan diskusi akan diselenggarakan oleh klub DIY menonton (KDM) pada Jumat tanggal 31 Maret 2017. Jam 15.45 WIB untuk  Slot  1 dan Jam 18. 45 untuk Slot 2.  . . . Fi...

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Film Screening With Klub DIY Menonton
2nd November 2017 13:33:24

Jumat, 24 Februari 2017 |15.30 WIB | Bale Si Gala-Gala, Dusun-Jogja Village-inn Jl. Menukan No.5, Karangkajen, Brontokusuman, Mergangsan, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta. Klub DIY Menont...

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Romantic Valentine's Day Dinner In Dusun
2nd November 2017 13:31:57

CELEBRATE YOUR LOVE!! Let's make an unforgettable moment with your lovely couple... Book your seat to enjoy the moment and delicious menu from us.. For info and reservation please contact us ...

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HUSh -Film Screening
2nd November 2017 13:17:03

hUSh starring Cinta Ramlan, tells the story of an aspiring singer from Bali who travels to Jakarta to find success. There she encounters the trappings of success; ambitious and insincere boyfriends, m...

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2nd November 2017 13:15:37

Tells the story of a man named Bejo, since 5 years His mother had died and have always experienced something strange and mysterious like to meet a little girl who suddenly disappear, see fairies, have...

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Beyond Bali: Why You Should Visit Java, Indonesia's Biggest Island
2nd November 2017 13:14:22

A shimmery gamelan track drifts on the equatorial evening air. A gecko chirps, like a squeaky toy, from the tropical garden. And from a nearby mosque rise the piercing vocal arabesques of the muezzin&...

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1000 Faces Banyunibo - Fine Art Exhibition
2nd November 2017 13:09:17

"1000 Faces Banyunibo" Venue: Bale Si Gala-Gala Dusun Jogja Village Inn Date: 7-18 OCtober 2016 Opening ceremony:  7 Oktober 2016 Artists: Robet Kan Yayas Karyadhi Kuart

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What To See In Java: 5 Amazing Adventures To Experience!
2nd November 2017 13:08:27

Java is much more incredible and adventure-filled than hardly any other Indonesian island. It houses several active volcanoes and at one you can see the rare blue fire by night (there are only tw...